Measuring up

Taking control of your weight starts with measuring up – and here’s how to do it.

Target setting

Getting fit and losing weight is a case of ‘one day at a time’ – here are some top tips.

Eating and drinking well

Eating and drinking healthier makes a big difference to your body – here are ways to do it.

Healthy recipes

Not a whizz in the kitchen but want to eat better? Don’t worry – find new healthy recipes here.

Getting active

Leading a more active lifestyle is easier than you think – here’s some simple strategies.

Welcome to a better you

None of us has the perfect body – after all, we come in many different shapes and sizes – but the reality is being overweight or obese can lead to problems that can seriously affect our health.

This site helps you work out if you are overweight or obese and provides top tips on how you can easily make healthier choices in life. These may not change things overnight; but they are a change for the better.



Measuring Up

Are You Inching Towards Bad Health?

It’s easy to put on pounds throughout life, as our TV ad shows. But that can lead to serious health problems that affect your quality of life. Take a look to find out more.

Healthier choices

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Obesity T-Shirt Female

If your waistline’s been creeping up on you it can lead to health problems as these TV ads show.