Measuring up

Taking control of your weight starts with measuring up – and here’s how to do it.

Target setting

Getting fit and losing weight is a case of ‘one day at a time’ – here are some top tips.

Eating and drinking well

Eating and drinking healthier makes a big difference to your body – here are ways to do it.

Healthy recipes

Not a whizz in the kitchen but want to eat better? Don’t worry – find new healthy recipes here.

Getting active

Being more physically active can help you lead a healthier life. You can find out about how to get more active in this section.

Welcome to a better you

None of us has the perfect body – after all, we come in many different shapes and sizes – but the reality is being overweight or obese can lead to problems that can seriously affect our health.

This site helps you work out if you are overweight or obese and provides top tips on how you can easily make healthier choices in life. These may not change things overnight; but they are a change for the better.



What will your step count be today?

Knowing how many steps we take each day is one way to measure how active we really are. By building up the number of steps we take, we can all increase our physical activity without having to try too hard.

The Public Health Agency is encouraging people across Northern Ireland to think about the number of steps they take every day. By counting the number of steps you already take and setting yourself increasing targets, you can improve your health and wellbeing.

Take a look at the Public Health Agency’s latest advertising campaign showing how you can take more steps each day – the more you take, the better you’ll feel.

To start tracking your steps, you can use your smartphone. Just click on safefood’s weight-mate app to find out more.

You can give the app permission to automatically take step data from your smartphone’s in-built tracker or several specified wearable fitness trackers (eg Fitbit).

If you have a smartphone without an in-built step tracker, you can still use a pedometer and manually input your step count into the weight-mate app.

Remember to choose ‘Step challenge’ when you input your details on the weight-mate app.

Weight Mate App  Available on the App Store Available on Google Play

Alternatively you can take the next step and choose to live better by downloading the campaign leaflet. This leaflet explains how to count your steps each day and how to set goals, including tips on how to fit more walking into your day.

If you would like to set up a local step challenge and need support click here.

Being more active and watching what you eat helps maintain and control your weight. To see if unwanted weight could be putting your health at risk, check out your body mass index (BMI) and waist measurement.

Remember if you have put on weight, the good news is you can do something about it. Find out more here.